How Do You Cope With Change

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I had been having a conversation with a friend who’d worked for several years in a small family run business. She had started her working life there, had worked in every area of the company and as such had acquired many skills throughout that time.

Now the family was closing the company and she was really struggling to deal with the inevitability of this change that was coming. She was feeling insecure, lost, fearful about the future and worried as to how she’d cope.

This is not unusual when we’re confronted with our world suddenly changing; a longterm relationship ends, our health suddenly suffers, the children leave home or we reach an important birthday and life can seem quite scary and uncertain.

It can be a large blow to our identity, confidence and sense of who we are. Our life path, once so quite clearly mapped out has become unrecognisable.

How do you cope when you realize that change is inevitable?

Grieve for the reduction of the familiar. Yes those automatic, everyday routines are now gone; the path to work, knowing where everything is, what is expected of you, the relationships, security and expectations. Accept that it is a lot to deal with and allow a period of time to heal and come to terms with the ending of that part of your life.

Take the time to reflect and acknowledge all that you’ve obtained , the lessons learned, the character-building experiences you have been through as a consequence. They have all contributed to you becoming the person you are now and can be seen as stepping-stones to your future, to who you’ll eventually become. Relax and determine to continue evolving, improving and growing.

If you have dates and information about forthcoming intended changes use the time to research, learn and understand what’s being mooted.You can then prepare mentally and perhaps even physically. Getting healthy and informed gives you better control, and allows you to make positive decisions about the part, if any, you might wish to play in future changes.

Start to plan ahead. Impending change can prompt you to question if you would like to stay in exactly the exact same place or line of work. You will no doubt have made contacts within other companies in your field. You could introduce yourself, maybe form liaisons with individuals with complementary talents, or even set up something on your own. Might it be a fantastic time to explore what is available and move some of your skills to a different employer or business?

Life’s not all work. Explore groups where you can make new friends, interests and improve your skills. Treat this time as a great opportunity to enrich your life. Many people will be in precisely the same position as you, starting out again for many different reasons. Make yourself available and encourage each other.

You’ve made new begins before! There will have been many times when you’ve had to adapt and accommodate change throughout your life; change is unavoidable, with new schools, teachers, friends, houses, coworkers and ways of doing things often needing to be absorbed into your everyday life at several points.

Don’t assume change will be difficult, unpleasant or awkward. Be positive and anticipate the opportunity to grow and improve, to maybe update your skills. Fight prejudging new opportunities as being too different, difficult or alien to you. You were fresh in your previous role once and learned to become the competent, skillful person you are today. Hold onto that knowledge and excitement. It is time to direct it to a new house!

Be proactive. Your previous employer doesn’t owe you anything; yes you have successfully worked together for several years, but they paid you for your services, respected and educated you, supported you on occasion. Life moves on and now it’s their time to move on. In addition, you need to, so begin accepting invitations to community, make new connections, get online and join groups. Then you can research what is out there and discover that which could be of interest or match you.

Make Your Home A High Tech Hotel Room

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Every once in a while, especially during holidays, families, and friends would check in at a fancy resort or Palm Bay Pest Control. Ideally, these luxury hotel rooms would be able to fascinate you with all their high-tech gadgets, widescreen televisions, automated doors and more. Any hotel that provides this service would often be costly. Why spend a lot to go to fancy hotel rooms when you can bring that experience to your very own home? There Are Several Ways to turn homes into high-tech hotel-like rooms and those with the budget can start by getting these things:

Smart TV’s aren’t uncommon in the market. In fact, seeing the nearest electronics store will exhibit their latest smart TV’s available. Aesthetically, a large smart TV would be the perfect option to make your homes look like a luxury hotel. Almost the options across different brands are comparable so you’ve got the freedom to choose which suits you best. Some permit you to browse through the net through voice activations. Others will detect specific hand gestures to operate commands.These smart TV’s will only get better as the years pass by.

Digital Keys

Hotels either have the usual physical keys for their locks or card keys that you can swipe. However, these can be a hassle especially in the situation where they get misplaced. Fancier hotels, on the other hand, use digital keys that can be obtained usually through phones. The first is like the notion of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Instead of actually having the card, a program of the telephone can imitate that concept so you would not need the actual card. The second way would be via Bluetooth. There are high-tech locks that will automatically open once they detect your phone’s Bluetooth ID nearby so you can just walk right in without doing much.

So as soon as you get into your house without touching anything, the next thing you might want to do is to turn on the lights without touching anything. How? Voice activation. It’s popular in the movies and fancy hotels. With only a brief speech command, anything with that is voice-enabled will do its job. It is the step towards creating Jarvis, artificial intelligence (AI) assistant of Tony Stark in popular comic book and movie, Iron Man.


In accord with the voice-activated rooms, automation enabled by robots or AI, like Echo, will further provide efficacy for anybody in the room. Automation is generally defined as something which turns off and on by itself. However, it goes beyond. Automation is in fact about technology allowing itself to be engaged only when needed to. To an extent, getting your space automated can save a lot of money on the energy bills.

Wireless Charging

Having a whole lot of wires tangled up in the room would be tedious to untangle. It can even break and enable you to purchase new ones. With wireless charging, you save up space from not needing wires and you don’t always have to be close to the sockets anymore.

Projector TV’s within the Restroom

This is perfect for anyone who likes taking their time when doing their business or just enjoy taking a bath. Make an even better experience by having TV’s projected on your very own bathroom. Match this with your Smart TV and you virtually do anything with it, play audio with Spotify, watch YouTube videos, browse the internet, and more as if you have never left the living room.

More on to the bathrooms, it can even be further updated, even down to the walls. Usually, bathrooms anywhere would be divided by glass walls that are translucent or can be covered by blinds. With chrome-enabled toilet walls, you wouldn’t need any of these. This way the bathroom looks more spacious when the walls are made transparent.


Are Your Pets Depressed?

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What if lately, you have been noticing your pet sleeps abnormally (more than normal ), eats less, seems sad, and spends all its time moping around the home. All these behaviors are completely opposite to his or her normal behavior. Undeniably, you may start to worry! This condition isn’t dissimilar to that of humans.

You are used to seeing your pet happy because he or she is always there for you whenever you are down. The mere thought of visiting your furry friend crestfallen makes you sick. Now it’s your turn to be there for her or him. How do you cheer up your best friend? What are a few of the methods you can use?

If your furry friend is depressed, here are 8 approaches to use to cheer him/her up:


Among the very best ways to cheer up pets is by spending more time together, particularly when they’re depressed. Now, more than ever, he or she needs you – your undivided attention. Spending quality time together reveals your pet how much you love and cherish them. To transit from the pits to his/her joyful, joyful self, simply give your pet your service, care, and love.

2. Indulge your pet in outside activities

Whether you own a cat or a dog, taking him for an enjoyable afternoon out in the park is an effective way of cheering him up. At first, the pet won’t seem enthusiastic. However, as you enjoy each other’s company, you’ll be amazed by how jovial he will prove to be.

3. Show your pet you’re happy

Did you know pets and dogs are extremely smart when it comes to telling if you are happy, just by taking a look at your face? Consequently, when he is depressed, avoid frowning or showing him or her that you are sad. An effective way to cheer up your dog is by remaining happy yourself.


Is your dog or cat depressed because they lost a companion or family member? If yes, then you want to take your pet to the park, or into a daycare center, where he or she can socialize with others. According to research, animals enjoy same-species companionship. Consequently, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out this strategy.

5. Reward your pet for positive behaviour

This strategy is more of a positive reinforcement. It’s important to be aware that you shouldn’t be too sympathetic as this will encourage others to stay depressed in order to enjoy the same attention. You need to show him or her how pleased you are anytime he or she eats foods correctly, or plays you at the park.


Does your cat or dog have a favorite toy? A excellent way to cheer up your cat is by giving him or her toys to play with. Most pets have a tendency to find comfort in familiarity. They’ll be more cheery if they are around their favorite toys.

7. Play Them some music

In the same way music soothes and calms human beings, many pet owners admit that music can also be magical to pets. Surprisingly, you’ll have the ability to lift up the mood of your pet by enjoying her or him some soothing music. Just make certain that the volume is not too high. The last thing you want is to make things worse.


If possible, bring your whole family with you when stepping out for a ride. Along with enjoying the family’s company, he or she’ll also enjoy the fresh air.

Chances are very high that the depression affecting your pet will also affect you. You have to find ways to cheer him or her up as soon as possible. The above are some basic ways you can cheer up your pet.